Dune Double Bill: Part One & Part Two

We're marking the release of Dune: Part Two with the ultimate Dune Double Bill: relive the captivating Dune: Part One once more, and then dive straight into the brand new Part Two - one day before the premiere!

Special: Event
Time & Tickets

Practical info
Tickets: €19,- (including a small bowl of soup during intermission)
Cineville members only pay a supplement of €3,-

Dune: Part One
Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel was deemed unfilmable, but Denis Villeneuve delivered an overwhelming spectacle and won six Oscars. Info >

Dune: Part Two
In the spectacular second part of the film adaptation of Frank Herbert's famous science fiction novel series, Paul Atreides seeks revenge on those who caused his family’s downfall. Info >

6:15 PM Doors open
6:30 PM Dune: Part One
9:15 PM Break
9:45 PM Dune: Part Two
12:30 AM End