De Magie van Miyazaki – Lezing over Hayao Miyazaki

A rich lecture (in Dutch, 90 min) on the work and life of the master of the anime genre: Hayao Miyazaki. This on the occasion of the release of The Boy and the Heron, possibly the last film of the legendary Japanese director.

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Seeing a Hayao Miyazaki film equals being transported to the everyday magic of being a child. In Miyazaki's nearly 60-year career, the grand master of Japanese animation has created a series of wondrous stories and eye-opening adventures that are now essential to global pop culture. Think of such gems as SPIRITED AWAY and MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO. However, his inexhaustible imagination is not only a feast for the senses, but also harbours a humanist philosophy that seeks to reconcile man with himself and his environment. The lecture THE MAGIC OF MIYAZAKI delves into the titan's life and work to consider his thematic interests, pioneering style and enduring legacy.

This lecture is given by Lennart Soberon. Lennart is a programmer at KASKcinema in Ghent, Belgium and a film researcher at the University of Brussels.