Before the Flood (in collaboration with Unicef, FASoS Green Impact and DEMOS)

Film screening within the context of the Sustainability Week. In cooperation with Unicef, FASoS Green Impact and DEMOS.

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Before the Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world as a witness to climate change that can no longer be denied. He calls for action.

DiCaprio - named United Nations Messenger of Peace for his many years of struggle for environmental awareness - visits no fewer than five continents in this documentary. Side by side with inspired scientists, he explores natural areas in search of answers: what can society do to stop the extinction of endangered species and indigenous communities and protect ecosystems? His icon status provides access to exclusive conversations with (political) leaders - including Obama, pope Francis and Elon Musk - who have global influence and, in most cases, actively fight inactivity. In addition, the charismatic DiCaprio casually encounters a highly calculated disinformation campaign devised by special interest groups to mislead the public.

BEFORE THE FLOOD is the up to date version of the – at the time - highly confronting AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. The core message remains unchanged: the world is in great danger.

After the screening a discussion will take place, in which two specialized speakers will be present: Thibaut Schots from Students 4 Climate and the young Nigerian politician Jude Feranmi Kolawole.

Fisher Stevens, USA, 2016, 129 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Ki-moon Ban, Alejandro G. Iñárritu.