Global Minds at the Movies

In this series, first year students of Hogeschool Zuyd are offered a series of films from different parts of the world, followed by a reflection (in English) from a person who has a first hand experience of the country or culture. Of course, the film night are also open for regular visitors.

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Movies can entertain, but also inform and inspire us. In your comfortable seat in the dark, you are transported to a different world and your horizon is broadened. Combining fun and learning! That is why the Hotel Management School Maastricht and the International Business and Communication Academies of Zuyd Hogeschool have joined forces with Lumière in a new series called 'Global Minds at the Movies'. The aim is to make students, and regular visitors, aware of and enthusiastic for other cultures and habits around the world, via film. How else?

Movies in this series

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The Old Oak

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