Exploring Cinema - A World Tour

Cinema is an artform that defies boundaries, one that is almost universally accessible, and one that is unique in the way it takes a hold over our us - visually, aurally, emotionally, viscerally and also intellectually. The Exploring Cinema series is a celebration of film as a medium and a celebration of its diverse cultures.

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This collaboration between Lumiere and United World College Maastricht presents a tour of some seminal films that have shaped world cinema in the last century from dark German alleyways, to intense psychological journeys, film noir to the poetic brilliance of subtlety.
Apart from an opportunity to enjoy these great works again, we invite you to conduct a deeper analysis of the medium. Each film will start with a 10 minute introduction and will end with 30 minute guided discussion facilitated by a variety of stakeholders - experts, film students, teachers, professionals .

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