Kids' birthday parties


Would you like to celebrate your kids' birthday party at Lumière Cinema? On Wednesday afternoons, that's possible (up to 12 years old) at Lumière. Enjoy a film together, followed by a feast of fries or pancakes! Book your kids' party at least two weeks in advance through the registration form.

The birthday party:

  • 2:30pm: Start by watching a fun kids movie together.
  • Around 4pm: Indulge in some fries or pancakes! Beverages (squash or fruit water) are included in the price!*

How it works:

  1. Select a film from our kids' film program. You can choose films that start on Wednesday afternoons at 2:30pm.
  2. Fill out this form.
  3. Our event manager will contact you within 3 days to briefly discuss the birthday party.


€13.50 per person (including film ticket, fries or pancakes, and drinks).


  • If you prefer a beverage other than squash or fruit water, it's at your own expense.
  • You can book the children's party for a minimum of 6 attendees.
  • Supervision is mandatory. Supervisors pay the regular children's movie ticket price.
  • It's not allowed to bring your own food and drinks.