Precautions at Lumière

Our cinemas are equipped with a ventilation system which provides a steady, continuous supply of fresh air.

We're taking a couple of precautions to make sure your visit will be as pleasant and safe as possible:

  • No symptoms? Then you're more than welcome!
  • Pay contactless or with PIN.
  • At all times, keep 1,5 meter distance from other visitors and staff.


  • You can only buy film tickets online. It's not possible to make a reservation and/or to pick up your tickets at the cash register. (With Cineville you can buy your tickets online; if you have a gift card, give us a call.)
  • In the cinema hall, a maximum of two persons can sit next to each other.
  • Be on time, but not too early. You only have access to the building 15 minutes before the film starts.
  • Use the toilet before you enter the cinema hall.
  • Take a seat in one of the free chairs and follow the instructions of our staff.
  • Unfortunately, if you arrive too late and the film has started already, we can't allow you in anymore.

Last update: Wednesday 21 October