Gratis webinar: Lecture on Dance in Film

Besides cinema going, you know what we possibly miss most? Nights of ecstatic and sweaty dancing. Dutch film journalist Hugo Emmerzael shares this sentiment and will bless us with an exciting webinar on dance as a political tool in cinema, more specifically the way films deal with this matter.

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Think of it: future nights out dancing may currently feel like a near-ecstatic escape from tough times, but, looking at the rock solid political structures around us, isn't that just wishful thinking?

In order to explain his central argument Emmerzael will focus on films as diverse as LA LA LAND (2016), CLIMAX (2018), THE MATRIX RELOADED (2003) and VICTORIA (2015), as well as compare the hype surrounding early silent film to the popularity of modern day TikTok videos. Dancing while attending this lecture is highly recommended!


Dinsdag 23 maart, 19.30u

Engelstalige lezing, verzorgd door filmjournalist Hugo Emmerzael.

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