Precautions at Lumière

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We're taking a couple of precautions to make sure your visit will be both as pleasant and safe as possible.

  • No symptoms? Then you're more than welcome!
  • To access our restaurant you're required to make a reservation
  • Pay contactless or with PIN
  • Wash your hands before you come in, and keep 1,5 meter distance


  • You can only buy film tickets via this website. It's not possible to make a reservation or to pick up your tickets at the cash register.
  • Plan your visit with a max of 2 persons.
  • We'll let you enter our building 20 minutes before the film starts 
  • Unfortunately, after the film has started, we can't allow you in
  • Use the toilet before you enter the screening hall
  • Take a seat in one of the marked chairs and follow the instructions of our staff.
  • Please leave our building after the film has ended


  • For our restaurant, a reservation is required. For our terrace, it isn't required, but we highly recommend you make a reservation anyway. 
  • Wait until our staff guides you to a table.
  • Are you with someone who's not from your own household? Then you're allowed to sit at a table with two persons.
  • We can't change a reservation for our restaurant to a table on our terrace, and vice versa. So before you take a seat on our terrace, make sure to check the weather!