Temporary closure Lumière

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Dear Lumière visitor, 

The Dutch government has announced a temporary closure for cinemas. If you've been to the movies at Lumière in the past few months, you will know that we have taken great care in implementing safety and hygiene procedures in Lumière. This news hits hard, but we understand the situation. Let's hope we can enjoy movies on the big screen again soon. Hopefully our restaurant can also open soon so that we can make it a real Lumière experience again.  

Our ventilation systems and security measures make our cinemas one of the safest places out there. That is why we confidently invite you to visit us as soon as it is possible again. We will continue behind the scenes to develop a fantastic Christmas program. We will keep informing you in the coming weeks and of course a part of our program can be viewed at home via Picl. 

Thank you for your trust, take care of yourself, and see you soon in Lumière! ❤️