Happy holidays & a healthy, happy 2021.

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Thank you!
The end of an unforgettable year is in sight. Thank you for your understanding and support. But also for your visits. As soon as our doors opened for a moment, you were back in our cinema halls. A heartwarming gesture to our team that has worked very hard this year to create a safe Lumière.
Despite everything, we received a total of 80,000 filmgoers, a historically low number that hurts. But thanks to your visit and the financial support of the Film Fund and the Municipality of Maastricht, Lumière is still standing after this turbulent year.
In addition to lows, we also experienced highs. Like our open air film festival, where the weather gods were with us and we screened a series of beautiful films in our backyard for eight nights. The festival was completely sold out and put a big smile on everyone's face. Unforgettable.

📽️ To the movies together again in 2021.
We look forward to welcoming you again in the new year. Behind the scenes we have worked hard on a fantastic opening program. But above all, on behalf of all employees, we wish you a happy, loving and healthy New Year with beautiful, new film experiences in Lumière. ❤️